Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Freebooterz ork army part 5

Warlord Gutzdreg is a bit slow. Ok, he's a lot slow. Even among orks Gutzdreg is not known for being too bright. Warlord Gutzdreg was once a powerful Goff warlord of the Blackbulls, a local head family. He ruled the local Goffs with his violent temper and strong arm, but eventually the Goffs in the settlement were overthrown by a family of Bad Moons who managed to undermind the Goffs' authority with sneaky cunning and bribes of teef. Rather than live under the rule of the Bad Moons Gutzdreg left with a group of his skarboyz to find a good scrap. Around the time the last of his skarboyz fell in battle Gutzdreg met Badgor. Badgor was the only ork Gutzdreg had ever met who was meaner and stronger than he was and he readily joined his warband and their worship of the god of war and slaughter.

Warlord Gutzdreg

Equipment: Power armour, powerfist, bionik bolt pistol hand.

Chaos Attributes: Fast, Moronic

Chaos Reward: Strength.