Saturday, October 17, 2015

Death Skulls army part 3...maybe.

So, after reading more about Freebooters I might end up changing my "Death Skulls Army" to a Freebooter army. There are a lot more units to a Freebooter army than I realized and most of them are just the normal ork models like mekboyz and warboss retinues, so I can still include Death Skulls. But no Freebooter army would be complete without actual Freebooter models. Unfortunately I am very lacking in the Freebooter models department. I do have one though and here he is all painted up. I decided to make him a Flash Git with gold gilt armor and weapons.
                                     Next up will probably be a Khorne worshiping Stormboy.


  1. Good stuff! I really like how the fabric on his trousers catches the light, very nice work - between your stuff and Mr Papafakis I'm having a hard time not digging my Ork boys out of storage!

    1. Thank you. I'm still considering painting purple stripes on his paints. By the way if you have any extra orks I have of the special ones I need. If not I hope to see some painted orks.

    2. If I had enough to share I would! Unfortunately I think I only ever had one blister of Freebootaz...

    3. I hear you. Unfortunately they are not easy to find for a decent price. But I have plenty to work on so I have time.