Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Brotherhood of the Laughing Father part 4 Voodoo Pepper

Meet Pepper Laveau aka Voodoo Pepper. Pepper is the voodoo queen of Second Heaven and high priestess of the Brotherhood of the Laughing Father. Its rumored that she has the ear of the Administratum representative of New Heaven and many powerful officials regularly visit Pepper for advice. None of them know that her true allegiance is to the Brotherhood as well as to Nurgle. Pepper had already earn a powerful reputation as a priestess before the Brotherhood took her into their fold. Her reputation and power have grown greatly since she has been initiated into the cults inner mysteries. As a show of the Laughing Father's favor Pepper has been gifted with a daemonic familiar in the form of a nurgling, though "Jenkins" stays well hidden when she is among the uninitiated.

I think the gun came out pretty good. I had to make it from scratch because the previous owner cut it off from above her finger up. The right hand was missing as well so I had to replace it. She was a joy to paint and I can't wait to get a hold of more models like her.


  1. Classy work dude! Is this model related to the famous Blanche Amazon?

    1. Yeah. It looks to have been sculpted from the artwork. I painted her according to the painting's color scheme, except the skin.