Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Black Coach of Baron Thaddius Finch

Baron Thaddius Finch was once a crusader bringing the light of Sigmar to the far corners of the Mortal Realms. That was until he overreached his abilities. Near a realm gate to Shyish he encounter a powerful vampire lord and exhausted and bloody was transformed into the thing he hated the most, an undead revenant. Since that day over a hundred years have passed and the man who once sacrificed in Sigmar's name has murdered countless innocents in the name of his new master Nagash. The baron prefers to travel by coach, a throwback to his noble birth, and on occasion when he needs to regain his power he takes his coach to the fields of slaughter, soaking in the fell sorceries of his nefarious servants.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lord Baltazar Khepri, Master of the Order of the Coptic Stag

As promised I present my first new AoS post.
Lord Baltazar Khepri, Master of the Order of the Coptic Stag. Once the leader of an order of knights dedicated to seeking out and ridding the world of ancient necromantic lore Baltazar delved deep into the mysteries of ancient Khemri and unlocked secrets not known since the time of the Black Pyramid. Baltazar eventually corrupted the rest of the order and one by one the knights were turned to a new purpose and became lifeless corpses serving Baltazar Khepri in gathering lost necromantic texts for safe keeping. Once the Order was wholly converted Khepri presented them in their entirety to Arkhan the Black to serve as his personal guards. He has remained Arkhan's loyal servant ever since.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

I'm still other forms.

Hello everyone. I have two announcements.  Sorry there haven't been any updates in a while. As I've told you all a few times my computer died and I didn't want to use my phone for photos. First announcement: I just bought a computer so I will begin updating again. Second announcement: I will begin posting Age of Sigmar posts. I know many of you don't like the new models or game, but after they released the points system the game has improved. I like a lot of the new models as well. There is a fan made expansion(?) that is currently being played called Hinterlands. It is a skirmish campaign style game and it is my favorite skirmish system so far. It is simpler than Mordheim and more detailed and individualized than Frostgrave. There is a group that has sprung up from it called AoS28. Some of you may be familiar with Inquisimunda. Well this is the fantasy equivalent. It is all about the darker aspects of fantasy and is also known as the Dark Age of Sigmar. I will be posting pictures of my Tzeentchian warband as I take them. I will also continue my tradition of posting a continuing story about them. I am also working on an undead army which I will post as I work on it. Thank you everyone who sticks with me.