Sunday, July 1, 2018

Beast of Nurgle

Finally painted one of my favorite miniatures of all time. The Beast of Nurgle. I love this model and I love its fluff every bit as much. Who doesn't love an enthusiastic slug-puppy covered in caustic slime with writhing tentacles on its head?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Grimgristle Beetlesucker

T'lowg'grh Dh'erg'z
Grimgristle Beetlesucker
Greater Daemon of Nurgle

Grimgristle Beetlesucker is a Great Unclean One summoned by the Yellow King to help him bring the Plaguefather's gifts to the Mortal Realms. However, due to his immense power he is more akin to a partner than a servant. Together with Gutrot Spume the three lead the armies of Nurgle across the land, sea and air. Grimgristle's demonic armies include many plague drones and swarms of plague flies that darken the skies and obscure his plaguebearers' advance. Grimgristle's very breath is lousy with plague flies that, at close range, ravage the bodies of those that oppose Nurgle's gifts. Another power that Grimgristle possess that makes his armies so deadly is his ability to twist time around his followers. As a daemon he exists outside of time and so he can manipulate it to speed his normally ponderous minions along their way to spread the Grandfather's blessings. Many armies have fallen due to their belief that Nurgle's daemons are slow and plodding. Grimgristle finds the shocked look on their faces to be quite humorous.

I used the name generator in Slaves to Darkness to generate his true name and his use name. The rest just wrote itself. He is one of my leaders for my newest Nurgle army. The army is built in three parts. The "land" army is lead by the Yellow King and his subordinate the Red Duke and is predominantly made up of Blightkings. The "Sea" portion is lead by Gutrot Spume and his first mate and consists of primarily Blightkings and chaos spawn. The "Air" army is lead by Grimgristle Beetlesucker and consists mainly of Plague Drones and Plaguebearers.

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Court of the Yellow King

I've begun my new Nurgle army with a bang. I was surprised how fast I managed to paint these guys. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that it was really fun. I haven't painted Nurgle models in a while so I am discovering how much I missed it. I will be adding more models to the army tomorrow and hopefully I'll have time to paint them up this weekend.
                                                                       The Red Duke
                                                          Magrook, the King's Advisor
                                                                  Peers of the Realm

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Blightking number 2. This one will probably be the leader of the unit. The skin color on this one was what I had originally planned for the unit, but it turned out too dark for the other models. I left it on this one because it fit with his mutation.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Tocsin bearer

After painting my Mamon it pushed me back over the edge to working on a Nurgle army again. I have several models that I can use already from the old Realm of Chaos range and some third party companies. So I went out and bought a box of Blightkings to add some beef to the army. These have to be my favorite models from the current range, even thought they came out a few years ago. I painted them as a group so most of them are pretty far along, but I wanted to finish one before I completed the others to get a feel for how I wanted them to look.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Mamon, daemon prince of Nurgle

When I traded to get this model it was already painted. The paint job wasn't too bad, it just wasn't that good. It has been a while since I have painted a Nurgle model and this one was pretty easy and fun to do so I primed him up and went to town. I wish all models were this easy to do.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Himeros the Salacious

Himeros was once Hagnon, a sergeant of the Emperor's Children Legion during the opening battles of the Horus Heresy. Hagnon was as much a statesman as he was a warrior and was known for his inspirational speeches on the eve of battles. As Hagnon fell to the worship of Slaanesh with the rest of his legion his gift for inspiration saw him elevated through the ranks to captain. The men under him began worshipping him with the same zeal previously held for Fulgrim alone and he was renamed Himeros the Salacious. After the fall of Hours at the Siege of Terra Fulgrim banished Himeros because he had grown jealous and distrustful of the devotion his men showed him. The legionnaires under Himeros risked Fulgrim's anger by fleeing with their master into the Eye of Terror. There they quickly established a base on one of Slaanesh's many pleasure planets and immediately began raiding the Imperium for slaves and plunder.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Our Lady of Depravity

I decided to take a small break from Death to paint some Slaanesh models for a distant army project. I love this sculpted and had to get it to use as a Keeper of Secrets since I find all but the original sculpts of the Keeper of Secrets to be terrible. I have high hopes for the new one coming out. I may relegate her to a Daemon Prince once it comes out depending on how much I like the new Keeper of Secrets. Until then I think she will do nicely. Hope you like her as much as I do.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lord Khepri and the Order of the Coptic Stag 2

The frozen ground crunched under the marching feet of the skeleton warriors as they formed a defensive perimeter around Catherine and the tomb. The witchfire burning in her eyes silhouetted her skull in purple as she commanded her minions to dig. At Catherine's word several of the skeletons began to claw at the frozen dirt of the tomb. Catherine could see the hulking form of the Stonehorn crashing through the forest towards her. At her necromantic command the skeletons who were not digging formed up to receive the charge of the Stonehorn. As Catherine began to chant spectral hands materialized from the fog in the path of the Stonehorn, clawing at the beast's mammoth feet, sapping its strength and causing it to slow its mighty charge.

She could feel Marek's presence through the trees to her right. She knew she would feel no loss at his death and that if he did not ascend soon she would have no use for him and end his life herself. For now he had Lord Khepri's favor, but it would not last for long if he could not deliver results. Several times she had foiled his progress, yet he suspected nothing. His desire for her would be his great undoing and she would be the one to deliver the deathblow, whether by her own hand or by engineering his many failures.

She brought her mind back to the battle at hand and bent her will to stopping the stampeding Stonehorn. The spectres in the mist had drained much of the creature's strength, but still it lumbered on. When it finally reached the skeletons much of its charge had been spent, but it was a formidable beast none the less and it shattered the bones of several warriors with each swing of its massive horns. Catherine summoned her necromantic power and called the dead from the ground. Unfortunately the ground had become frozen from the power of the Beastclaw ogors. Far fewer warriors rose from the ground than she had anticipated, but she had to use what was at hand and hope it was enough to bring down the great beast. She was glad none of the other creatures had been sent to reinforce the Huskard and his mount. The swords of the warriors were taking their toll on the creature and she was raising enough of them that she would soon turn the tide of battle in her favor. She was certain that she could excavate the tomb as well as add the Stonehorn to her collection of servants.

Then Catherine sensed another presence in the shrouding fog. This one much more dangerous than the one before her. If she were still living she would feel disgust at the voracious appetite of this new presence. The Butcher sent a deadly bolt of hungering darkness at her, but she deflected it into her skeletal minions and several of them crumbled to dust and blew away in a ghostly wind. Another bolt was hurtled at her and this she dispelled with a wave of her skeletal hand. This magic user would need to be dealt with quickly. With a quick incantation and a violent gesture she crafted a deadly spell of her own for this new rival. She could hear the ogor's howls of pain as spectral servants tore her soul from her body and carried it screaming to Catherine's outstretched hand. Reinvigorated by the soul of the Butcher she poured her power into raising more skeletons and the power was enough for them to break free of the icy earth. With the last of his strength bleeding from him through hundreds of wounds the stonehorn finally topple to the ground, crushing his Huskard master beneath his massive bulk. Catherine relished the screams of his soul as she slowly consumed it. She imagined how much sweeter it would be when it was Marek's turn.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Lord Khepri and the Order of the Coptic Stag 1

The night was absolute. No stars in the sky filtered through the creaking forest canopy and the skeletal moon was hidden behind the horizon, though better the darkness than the horrors the cadaverous moon's light would reveal. There were no sounds of nature as in the forests of the Realm of Ghyran. No insects chirped or buzzed and no night birds called. The only sounds in the woods of Shyish were the howling of the wind and the creaking of branches. The horrors these sounds revealed were hidden from the sight of mortals who traveled the realm by the darkness of the night.

Lord Baltazar Khepri gazed unto the night with no mortal eyes. It had been many ages since he had been flesh and blood. Many centuries since his heart beat in his chest and blood flowed through his veins. He would occasionally get glimpses of memories from that time, but before he could tease out the meaning of these fleeting images they would be gone and he would soon forget they had occurred at all. These things meant little to him for they were not of the present and had no relation to his current purpose. The Grand Master of the Order of the Coptic Stag had been given purpose by his dark master Arkhan the Black, Right Hand of Nagash, Lord of All.

Baltazar sat atop his rotting stag Helhest, a gift from his master Arkhan. The two were as unmoving as a corpse. The only signs of his deathly reanimation were the two burning pinpricks within the hollows of his eye sockets. Near him, with the animated agitation of the still living, stood Marek.

"I don't understand what we are doing wandering around this blasted forest in the dark of night," proclaimed Marek. He and Baltazar had spent the better part of the night searching the dark woods and Marek's patients was wearing thin.

"Silence," Baltazar's voice echoed from the creaking trees as if spoken from the corpses of hanged men raised unwillingly from the grave. "All we require will be found in time," stated Baltazar in his corpse dry voice. "We seek the barrow place of Khoric of Maelthonia. And in it Khoric and his cursed followers."

"Yes, I am aware of whom we seek and why, but what good does it do us doing so in this dark night?" Marek replied in a less demanding tone.

"We are here because we are not the only ones who seek the tomb," Baltazar reminded the necromancer. Just as Baltazar spoke the words a mighty crash sounded through the forest, temporarily drowning out the howl of the wind. Marek jumped at the sound, but Baltazar merely turned in the direction it came from.

The necromancer's hands began to glow with amethyst power as he unleashed his spells of summoning. As in most locations within the realm of Shyish the land was ripe with corpses waiting to be summoned by those with the knowledge to do so. At the necromancer's beckoning the dead began to rise from their graves. The tomb of Khoric must be close in deed Marek thought, for the dead who rose were the guardians of the tomb of a king and no common warriors. Still Marek could feel the presence of more dead warriors beneath his feet simply awaiting his call to arms.

As the grave guardians rose from the ground the air filled with the sound of flapping wings and the shrill cries of hundreds of bats. From deeper in the woods appeared Marek's companion, Catherine.

Catherine had once been a student of Marek's, but in time she surpassed him in the necromantic arts and now had traveled beyond death to become a liche. Marek was envious of her power and was still frantically searching for a means to live on beyond death in a grander form than a walking corpse. As yet he had found no means to prevent the inevitable.

Catherine's eyes glowed with purple fire as she directed the swarms of bats overhead. "The beastherds move against us," her hollow voice echoed out from beyond the grave.

Beyond Catherine came the thunderous sounds of hooves as Baltazar's knights arrived and the continued howling of the wind announced the arrival of those in the Order who's form had become so saturated with death magic that they existed in an incorporeal state beyond the physical world.

The wraiths split off and traveled deeper into the forest at Baltazar's unspoken command, where he knew Oleksiy was waiting to lead them. Baltazar knew that the vampire lord only served under him because his master Baron Thaddius Finch commanded it. Baltazar didn't care why as long as he served.

Catherine traveled in the same direction in case Oleksiy had need of her power while Marek stayed behind to serve Baltazar in the same capacity. He knew once the full might of the dead rose he would be needed to help maintain them during the coming battle...

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Abyssal Fleet

The conquering forces of the Scourge use overwhelming force and unflinching determination to dominate every sentient species they encounter. The Abyssal Fleet is one such overwhelming force. They are used to both annihilate opposing fleets and land armies of conquest on the planets they encounter.

My Fleet is growing by leaps and bounds. This is the current state. I am currently building more ships to add to this conquest force.
The Banshee is currently the flagship of the fleet. It is a battlecruiser with deadly torpedoes and close assault capabilities.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dropfleet Commander a.k.a. Battlefleet Gothic second edition

So recently I was introduced to Dropfleet Commander. A spaceship game written by Andy Chambers that is in essence an updated version of Battlefleet Gothic but not set in the 40k universe. The game is fun, but I really wanted to play because of the models. Especially the "evil" aliens, the Scourge. Their ships are beautifully organic. Much like a Tyranid fleet, but built instead of grown. The studio paint scheme for the faction is absolutely beautiful, but I wanted to do my own scheme so I decided to go with a bioluminescent deep sea predator look. I think it is working nicely. Here are my first three ships: the Angelslayer, the Miasma, and the Wardog.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Addanbelah Craftworld

The Aeldari of the Addanbelah craftworld are considered savage by all but the Aeldari of Saim-Han. Though they are still as advanced as any craftworld Eldar they are more willing than any to throw themselves into conflict on any scale. The bloodlust of Khaine has resided in these Aeldari since the fall. Originally hailing from one of the Aeldari home worlds currently within the Eye of Terror. The world, whose name has been long lost to the Fall, was a world of ash deserts that one would not expect the advanced and leisure seeking Aeldari to populate and for the most this is true, but within the hedonistic society the Aeldari had become there were those who practice restraint and the world of the Addanbelah Aeldari was home to a large order of warrior monks who practice forms of combat and ascetic living that became all too familiar with those who fled on the craftworld. The monks of the time called their way of life Addankiamenad-Belah, or the Way of Ash. This was later incoperated into the Craftworlds name and came to mean Those who walk the path of Ashes. They are named after their practice of burning the bodies of the warriors who fall in battle.

The Addanbelah are warriors above all and even the guardians of the craftworld are renowned for their prowess with sword and shuriken. Of the smaller craftworlds the Addanbelah have the largest number of Aspect Warriors and Warlocks. Their Autarchs are renown for their tactical acumen and their Bonesingers are master weapon smiths. Even the number of Engines of Vaul and titans within their armies are impressive for a small craftworld such as Addanbelah.

The colors of war of the Addanbelah are as dark and somber as its people. The armor of its guardians are decorated in the warpaint of their tribe and each squad has its own individual identity and warrior traditions. To the Addanbelah ones tribe means everything and each tribe traces its history to before the Fall to one of the orders of Addankiamenad-Belah monks. Each has its own marshal traditions and the head of each sits on the council of Autarchs that leads the craftworld to war. The Farseers of the Addanbelah are the wisdom but the Autarchs are the driving force of the craftworld.

Due to the similarities in temperament and social structure the Addanbelah are close allies with Saim-Han and Beil-Tan. Each is ready to send help in times of need and in the battle for Beil-Tan's Infinity Circuit many Addanbelah died in its defense. It was after this tragedy that the Autarchs of Addanbelah swore to Yvraine that the cause of the Ynnari would also be theirs.

While waiting for my airbrush I have been painting a few figures for my new Aeldari army as well as working on their story. I have finished my first few models so far. It is a pain not having my airbrush for base coating. Still the results have been pleasing and I am happy to be working on my favorite race and one of my favorite armies again. In addition to painting I have been reading the Eldar novels. I just can't get enough of their tragic lore. Here is my first finished model for the new army.

Her name is Ishtharia and she is the head of the Council of Seers. She was one of the foremost seers of Addanbelah and her accurate predictions lead them to send aid to Biel-Tan before the Masque sprung her deadly trap and so the Addanbelah were able to reach Biel-Tan before it was too late. Their aid was integral to defeating the daemons of Slaanesh before they could complete the destruction of the Craftworld. During the final battle though the previous head of the council was killed and after their return to their Craftworld the Autarchs named her the new head of the council.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Towering Destroyer Wraithknight part 1

So, to interrupt one project with another I present to you the beginning of my Iyanden Eldar ghost army. I decided to start up an Eldar army. For many years I had an Eldar army and they are my favorite race in the 40k universe and I love the melancholy sadness of their fall and their striving to rebuild what they have lost. I've always thought the Eldar models are the most beautiful that GW makes. I got rid of my Eldar army right around the time when they became good in the game and some of their best models came out. I feel like its time I got back what I lost and rebuild my Eldar. I have started big with the Wraithknight. He came out of nowhere when a neighbor of mine advertised him for sale/trade. So naturally I traded for him and immediately got to work on him the same day. I decided to integrate the new model into my love of Oldhammer and convert him to reflect a model I'm sure plenty of you are familiar with, if you are familiar with Armorcast. I love the old Epic scale knights and the Eldar knights were really cool. I decided the Towering Destroyer would be a unique looking Wraithknight so that is what I created. First is the original model, just in case you have never seen it.

Here is my conversion. The arms aren't in the same positions but I thought I would make it more dynamic looking to match the Wraithknight model.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Adeptus Tyranicus 004

The Carnifex is one of the most brutal of all Tyranid bioforms. But it is also one of the most common sights of any Tyranid invasion. Some of Magos Cath's earliest experiments were with Carnifexes. Because of both their savagery and the ease of obtaining viable DNA samples Carnifexes are one of the most easily produced and most reliable of the larger Tyranid organisms grown by the Magos. Of the various forms of the Carnifex the "Screamer Killer" was both the first and most encountered of all varieties. The Screamer Killer has been known to Imperial records since Tyran and continues to be a common sight on all Battlefields involving the Tyranids. Magos Cath has had great success in testing the Screamer Killer's abilities in battle against many different opponents and even the legendary bravery of the Space Marines has been sorely tested by these terrifying creatures.

I am fairly happy with how this model turned out. The only problem that I have with it is that I feel it looks too glossy. I broke my airbrush today and has to add the clear coat with a brush so I feel it went on a bit too glossy. After I get a new airbrush I plan to do a coat of matte over the entire model to dull down the shine a little. Other than that I am very pleased with it. The army is coming alone quite nicely and after I finish my Hive Tyrant I will do a small group photo.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Adeptus Tyranicus 003

Magos Cath has performed extensive testing on synapse creatures as they are the lynchpin of his efforts to create an artificial Hivemind. Without the synapse relays found within these creatures control of the "lesser" Tyranids would not be possible. But these creatures present a special complication as they are especially difficult to shield from the Hivemind. They require full shielding of the synapse nodes within the creatures cortex. Magos Cath's will is channeled through the synapse beasts into the other Tyranids in a synthetic Hivemind. The most powerful relay found within the subjects Cath has studied resides in the Hive Tyrants. Of all synapse creatures the Hive Tyrant has the largest and most complicated of all studied synapse nodes, but all synapse creatures are difficult to produce and control. The growth and implantation process for creating a viable Malanthrope is costly in the extreme so they are rare within the Magos Cath's growing menagerie of living weapons.

Here is my completed Malanthrope. Just like the Hive Tyrant I found the perfect bit to use as his head. This was an easy paint. A lot of drybrushing. I was trying to decide whether I wanted to paint this model in bright colors to contrast the rest of the army and to show its toxicity, but in the end I decided to use biohazard symbols instead. It just felt right for Mechanicus.