Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pandora's Display Box Part 2

As promised, more pictures of progress on the display box for Pandora's crew. I've finished cutting out the circles for their bases. It was a pain to do it by hand, but I'm trying to get over my toxic perfectionism and this was an exercise in that. The circle in the back left came out terrible, but I should be able to cover that up with basing materials. Other than that it is turning out well. I'll try to do some basing on the plasticard tomorrow, as well as apply a black basecoat.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pandora's Display Box Part 1

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I've had a few things to deal with, in my head. Now I'm getting back on track. I'm making a display box for my Pandora crew for Malifaux. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a box that I thought looked appropriate for Pandora and some Styrofoam. I've cut the block of Styrofoam down to fit in the box and I will then be covering it with a plasticard sheet that I will texture to make it look like the bases for the crew. I'm cutting out the circles to fit the bases of the models in. It is a bit difficult since I don't have a compass to cut out the circles, but its still coming along ok. I have a couple of pictures right now, but I should have more today or tomorrow. Here is what I have for now.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Featured Artist #2 The Joey Berry

Time again to introduce you to an important influence in my blogging life, such as it is. Without her this blog would not exist. Joey Berry is a wonderful vloger from Plymouth, Kent um...England. She's moves around a bit. She is one of the funniest people on the internet. I don't even remember how I stumbled onto her YouTube channel. ( I think it was just a random "Warhammer" search on YouTube. If you are just starting out with Warhammer Fantasy Battle then there is no one better to learn with. Her series on the Lores of Magic is hilarious. She is constantly upbeat, despite choosing Wood Elves as her first army. Not only does she talk about Warhammer she also talks about Malifaux, no 2nd edition yet, as well as some Adepticon coverage. She also covers a little Warhammer 40K. She is more geared towards beginners, but the themes for her armies are fun for seasoned gamers as well. She is very accessible when it comes to questions and comments and takes suggestions from her viewers on what topics people want to see. She is currently working on a "how do you choose the army you want to play?" series for Warhammer Fantasy. With this description you may be asking "why would you bill her as an 'artist'?" Well, when one uses a medium as beautifully as she does to express herself "artist" is a perfect description for what she is. She is an inspiration for anyone who wants to start a blog/vlog based on what brings them joy. So, go and enjoy her videos, like her Facebook ( and follow her on twitter (

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Army of the Faith

Since I have a new camera I figured I'd take a few pictures of some models I painted last year. So here are a few from my Warmachine army. I have a several different armies for Warmachine, mainly Cryx, but I can never maintain just one army in any game so I've branched out into Protectorate of Menoth. I have other units in the works, such as a unit of Exemplar Vengers and another unit of Cinerators, both of which will be full units. For now this is all I have painted. The Fire of Salvation isn't quite complete. I still have to finish his hanging clothe and two of the Cinerators need their bases finished, but its good enough for now. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Here she is, the source of all sorrow and woe. Pandora. The leather came out a little too shiny in the photo, but the model looks very realistic. I highlighted the black with grey and white and then glazed over it with Tamiya Smoke.

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...

I've finished one of the Sorrows from the No Shelter Here box. I tried doing zenith lighting with my airbrush and washes, but I just ended up painting over that with traditional brush work. I'm thinking I might need to go back and highlight the "flames" of his lower body, maybe with a blue.

Monday, March 10, 2014

First Malifaux game

I played my first game with Pandora and her crew. It was No Shelter Here vs. The Torch and the Blade. I lost by one and I really enjoyed the way my crew played. I love the indirect damage, and the fact that it is a whole bunch of 1pt damage makes it hard to counter. I can't wait to get up to a 50 stone crew. Right now I just have the box, but once Teddy and Insidious Madness come out in plastic I'll be getting them too. I'll also pick up a Doppleganger. I look forward to playing more games. Unfortunately there isn't much progress on my crew. I've put their bases together, but I haven't filled any of the models' gaps or primed them. I may do it today.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Pandora's crew bases

So I've decided to not only use some resin basing material I got from Scibor miniatures, but I'm also going to be making a display box for my Pandora crew. I've finished Pandora's base, mostly, and have started on the other bases. They are pretty quick to put together and paint, so they should be done pretty quickly. Here is Pandora's base.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pandora's Box and Lolita fashion

So, I've wanted to get into Malifaux since late last year. I had heard of the game the year before, but the figures at the time didn't really appeal to me so I didn't really check it out then. Once I rediscovered it I found out that they were in the middle of writing their second edition and releasing new figures. I was very excited about the renderings of the new figures so I decided to give the rules a chance. Then I found out about the system using cards instead of dice and I was hooked. I decided that I would play Gremlins, which at the time did not have there own faction. The reason I chose them was because of Wong, Burt Jebson, and Gracy. I love Big Trouble in Little China and these three figures were modeled after characters in the movie. Now Wong is a master and I am anticipating great things. Unfortunately for me the new Gremlins are going to be the last minis Wyrd is going to be releasing of the new waves. So after getting Wong and a friend getting me Burt I have decided that rather than wait another several months to start playing I would choose one of the currently released box sets. I decided Pandora was the one for me. The first reason is that the minis look amazing, the second is that I can relate to her temperament.
I've started assembling the models and I will be filling gaps with milliput soon. The figures fit together nicely, but the gaps can be fairly large. After I get them ready to paint I'll post a few pictures. I'm going through lots of pictures to get ideas for color. I'm also stumped about what to do with there bases. Suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Featured artist #1 Oasis Rising

As I said in my introductory post one of the reasons I started this blog was to share the people who have inspired me. This is the first of those features. Oasis Rising is one of the people who not only inspired me in miniatures and painting, but was integral in me starting this blog in the first place.Watching her videos has been very uplifting, as well as darn entertaining. She is an award winning painter and an avid vlogger. Her Youtube channel is prolific, with over a hundred very entertaining videos that range in content from painting tutorials to convention coverage with everything in between. One group of videos I would recommend searching for are her "Zen Painting" videos. They are very relaxing and nice to have playing while you paint. She is a part of the Wargamers Consortium as well, which consists of a large group of gamers and painters that regularly post videos on an even wider subject range.
Oasis Rising also has a Facebook page on which she posts pictures of work in progress as well as her finished models. It is usually worth checking out her Facebook to see what new projects she is working on as they will inevitably end up as a video on her Youtube channel. Everyone that enjoys painting miniatures should definitely check out her web pages. You will be highly entertained and, hopefully, as inspired by her as I am.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mage Progress

I've decided to make this hard on myself and paint the robes with dragon scales. It is tedious work, which I'm not use to when it comes to miniature painting. After I finish painting the scales I will do a violet glaze to smooth out the transitions, it should look a lot better than it does now. I just bought some orange paint, so the process should speed up. I'm also getting closer to finishing my first Dragon Prince of Caledor.