Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Lady of the House

Presenting the Lady Ninsar, Loremaster of the Clan Ur and bearer of the Weeping Crown. The Ancient Lady Ninsar has been the Loremaster of Clan Ur since it was first founded in the Realm of Shyish. It is she who wears the Weeping Crown, a terrible yet powerful artifact driven directly into the crown of Ninsar's head. It gets it's name from the lifesap that continues to weep from the wounds caused by its use, but the power it grants in combat far outweighs the pain it causes its bearer.

My first "treelord". When I first bought this model I used it as a daemon and added wings. Since I started creating a Sylvaneth army I decided to repurpose her back to her original form. I ordered a base for her, but it still hasn't arrived so I've had to paint her without it. I may still add some pigments to her after I paint her base. She is from Ultraforge, a company that has, unfortunately gone out of business. Fortunately there is another company with a similar design called Creature Caster. Their miniatures are pretty amazing and affordable.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fall of the House of Ur

Long before the time of Rebirth a glade of soulpods was planted in the Realm of Shyish in order to bring life to the Realm of Death. At first this bold plan flourished, but tragedy struck during the Shrouded Times. As with much during this period nothing is known about what events brought disaster to the Glades of Winterleaf that inhabited the dark forests of Shyish.
What came after was a tainted and twisted version of the glades that once thrived. Similar yet terribly different from the Outcasts the dryads of the groves were twisted and corrupted by the land they were seeded in and a dark taint took hold. Long wars with the Chaos invaders who flooded Shyish have further added to House Ur's hatred. Now, like most of the clans of Winterleaf those of House Ur are bitter and resentful of the dark times that have come upon the Sylvaneth. Soon after her rebirth Alarielle sent envoys to the House of Ur to bring them word of her return and the resurgence of their power. She charged these noble spirits to protect the House from further corruption by the Realm and to bring them into the light once again.

Time has passed and the House of Ur has changed little, but those whom Alarielle sent to shepherd the clan have changed. They have become dark and bitter like the forests they now inhabit. Though their changes are not as profound as those belonging directly to the clan they have adopted the trappings of death and decorate themselves with the bones of the dead and other morbid trophies. Those who were once noble and righteous are now secretive and sinister.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Tree Grows in Shyish

So, I open my posts with "so" a lot, I've decided to start a Sylvaneth army. Originally I started AoS by creating a Tzeentch army, but now I've decided to stop at 1000 points with my Tzeentch army and instead continue work on my Death army and start a Sylvaneth army. I wanted my Sylvaneth to take a darker aspect than was usual. So I decide to combine life and death. My Sylvaneth come from a Soulpod grove in Shyish. I haven't decided whether or not they will belong to the Winterleaf grove or the Dreadwood grove. So far I've started a unit of Dryads. A dryad box comes with 16 models and a unit only comes in increments of 10, so two boxes make 30 dryads plus 2 for conversion into characters. The first character I've made is a Branchwych. The second will probably be a Branchwraith. I've finished a few models so far so I've brought them to you here.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

End of an Error

So, I finally played a few games of 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy. My army wasn't what I hoped it would be. It did not do well at all. The rules for Realm of Chaos in 3rd ed are very convoluted and leave your army pretty weak. I somehow managed to pick an army that is problematic in a game that almost no one plays, making it very difficult to have any fun with it. So I have decided to rebase the whole army to use it in Age of Sigmar games. I've had a lot of fun playing both the regular game and the Hinterlands variation. The biggest problem is the cost of buying the new bases. The stores around me sell 32mm bases for $.50 each. I'm going to need at least 30 not counting larger bases for trolls and my chaos shrine and palanquin. Still, it will be worth it in the end. I'm hoping there will be a new Nurgle book released while I'm working on rebasing. I need an entry for pestigor. When I'm done rebasing the army I'll do a group shot, rather than reposting all the same units as I rebase them. In the meantime I'll be working on my Death army. In classic fashion I was attracted to AoS by the new Tzeentch models, but ended up getting hooked on the Death models.

P.S. This is not an April Fools post.