Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Noble Dead

The noble spirits bound into form in Shyish are greatly changed from their brothers in other realms. They reflect the noble dead of the realm in which they inhabit rather than the ancient guardians of legend. They emulate the nobles of many lands that have come to the realm of death after life and the terror they bring to their enemies is unmatched my any their noble brothers bring from other lands.
Rather than use my last 10 dryads as actual dryad I decided to convert them into Tree-Revenants. This is the first unit of 5. I may make the other five into Spite-Revenants instead, but chances are they will  be Tree-Revenants like these. With these I can make a Household battalion which means I can make more of the Wargrove battalions. With a second unit I'll have enough models for any one of the Gnarlroot, Ironbark, Harvestboon, or Winterleaf Wargroves. I'll be doing a little bit of puttying on these, basing them and then they will be ready for painting.