Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Battle of Platform VI

This is my first Adeptus Titanicus battle report. Unfortunately this game was probably the shortest of all the games I've played so far. I was going to write it up as a story, but since it only goes till turn two it doesn't really last long enough to do that. So here it is in a more bare bones format.

Hostile Battlefield: The Shadow Sentry.
Battle Level: Confrontation.
Deployment: Close Quarters.

Tiger Eyes vs. War Griffons

Tiger Eyes (1250pts.):
Nightstalker - Reaver (Titan Stalker), twin gatling blasters, apocalypse missile launcher.
Mada - Reaver, twin reaver chainfists, apocalypse missile launcher.
Tenebris Angelus - Warhound, vulcan mega bolter, plasma blast gun. Hunting auspex.
Umbra Venandi - Warhound, plasma blast gun, vulcan mega bolter. Hunting auspex.
House Rajha Questoris Knight banner - 3 Gallant Knights.
4 stratagem points: Blind Barrage (1), Offensive Surge (3).
Objective: Engage and Destroy.

War Griffons (1100pts.Underdog):
Invictus Nova - Reaver (Reckless Maverick), twin laser blasters, apocalypse missile launcher. Motive Sub-reactors.
Tempus Prima - Vulcan mega bolter, plasma blast gun.
Magna Canis - twin inferno cannons.
House Vyronii Questoris knight banner - 1 gallant, 1 paladin, 1 Warden.
House Vyronii Cerastus knight banner - 2 Lancers.
6 stratagem points: Blind Barrage (1), Sabotage (2), Orbital Lance Strike (2), Break Through (1).
Objective: Vital Cargo
Cargo (Invictus Nova).


 First Turn:
War Griffons/Tiger Eyes
Illusion of Space: Weapon modifiers are reversed.

Strategy Phase:
No stratagems used. All orders fail.

Movement Phase:
War Griffons: Magna Canis pushes reactor for speed. Reactor goes up by 1. Tempus Prima pushes reactor for speed. Reactor does not go up. Invictus Nova pushes for speed. Reactor goes up by 1.
Tiger Eyes: Mada pushes reactor for speed. Reactor goes up by 2.

Repair Phase:
No one rolls high enough to repair.

Combat Phase:
Tiger Eyes: Warhounds kill the unit of Questoris knights.

Turn 2:
Tiger Eyes/War Griffons
Illusion of Space: Weapon modifiers are normal.

Strategy Phase:
Tiger Eyes: Use Blind Barrage on Invictus Nova. Mada receives Charge orders.
War Griffons: Use Orbital Strike on the Gallants, killing 2. Invictus Nova receives Full Stride orders. Lancers receive charge orders.

Repair Phase:
All Titans who need to vent plasma successfully.

Movement Phase:
Tiger Eyes:
War Griffons: Cancel Mada's Charge order and gives it Split Fire with Sabotage. Lancers Charge and kill Tenebris Angelus. Tenebris Angelus suffers a Magazine Detonation, destroying a piece of terrain, damaging the Lancers, and taking one shield off of Nightstalker. Invictus Nova activates a second time due to Reckless Maverick and moves within 4" of the board edge.

Combat Phase:
Tiger Eyes: Nightstalker kills a Cerastus Knight, Umbra Venadi damages the second Cerastus Knight.
War Griffons: Magna Canis kills last questoris knight. Tempus Prima uses its mega bolter to strip Mada's shields off and plasma blast gun to knock all of Mada's body and its three critical systems down.

Turn 3
Tiger Eyes/War Griffons
Illusion of Space: Modifiers are reversed.

Game ends in War Griffin victory after a failed charge attempt from Mada.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Acherons of House Rajha

The blue flames of House Rajha are feared by all their enemies. A special promethium is extracted from their homeworld. This promethium cannot be used in engines or for anything other than weaponizing for it corrodes the mechanisms it fuels with the exceptions of weapons. It is believed that this promethium is somehow related to phosphex, although the connection between the two is little understood. Death by the blue promethium is particularly painful even compared to normal promethium.

Two Acherons I converted from lancers for House Rajha. If GW ever comes up with a house crest for them I suppose I'll paint one on them.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Monday, December 17, 2018

Umbra Venandi, warhound of Legio Fureans

My first warhound of Legio Fureans, the Tiger Eyes.

I decided to go with an Ian Miller style on the carapaces of my two Warhound titans. This is the first of two.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Adeptus Titanicus Knights of House Rajha

Lord Marshal Vladimir Krell alone holds the rank to bear the marks of leadership upon his knight armour. As the master of House Rajha he rules with absolute authority and he is a lord of death among a house of killers. He leads his banner with all the fervor of a madman and can be as deadly to his own men as the enemy. Some believe he was a follower of the Blood God before His worship was spread by the Heresy. Like all who follow Horus into rebellion Krell bears the Great Eye of the Warmaster to the worlds he devastates.

The knights of House Rajha are without honor and seek no glory. They kill because they are killers. They bear no crests nor honors for the ghost-gray color of their knights alone speak the tale of their prey's death. The Ghost Knights of Banner Krell are hunters without equal. Their tally of engine kills, were it known, would border on the incredulous. Yet in true House Rajha tradition they carry no kill marks. The knights of Banner Krell eschew all long range guns and bear only the weaponry of the stalking hunter. Only brutal combat with massive god machines can stir the blood of these pitiless killers.

House Rajha is mentioned in Horus Heresy book 3: Extermination as a knight house that is allied with Legion Fureans. All that is said about them is that they are "ghost-grey". So naturally I decided to make up my own color scheme and background.

And now Titanicus

So as per usual I have jumped to a new topic. Adeptus Titanicus, the reintroducing.
At first I wasn't going to get into the new edition of Adeptus Titanicus because of the cost of the models, they are comparatively expensive even by GW standards, but after playing a titan vs titan game against my brother I got hooked. I bought a Reaver and played a few games against my brother's two Warhounds and these were some of the funnest games I've played in a long time. I got a box of knights on Monday and painted them up yesterday. Since I am a big fan of Oldhammer I had to choose a titan legion from the original Adeptus Titanicus days, so I chose the Tiger Eyes, since I love to paint stylized flames. I have now finished my Reaver and the box of knights, which have been painted as House Rajha, a traitor knight house that has pretty much no fluff and a vague official color scheme at best. Hope you like the battlegroup so far. I will eventually have a full maniple of one Warlord, two Reavers and two Warhounds, as well as the knights.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Anagi Leeuwenhoek, Grand Parasite of the Lidless Eye

Anagi Leeuwenhoek, Grand Parasite of the Cult of the Lidless Eye has been a member of the Mechanicus since before the singing of the Treaty with Terra. She worked within the gene vaults of the Emperor beneath the Imperial Palace at the onset of the Great Crusade as a surgeon pioneering many of the techniques which would become integral in creating the organs necessary in creating the space marines. There are secrets locked within her memories that no one but her recalls. Even Belisarius Cawl has lost many of the secrets from those early days, but Grand Parasite Leeuwenhoek has lost none of her long memory.

Archmagos Leeuwenhoek has many titles within the Lidless Eye. In her war aspect she is Archmagos Dominus Leeuwenhoek, who's knowledge of the microscopic world sees her unleash terrible nanomachine plagues upon her enemies. To the rest of Mars she is the Omnissiah's Red Right Hand, a destroyer of worlds and extinguisher of species. She is the figurehead of the Cult of the Lidless Eye and is seen as its leader. In truth she is closer to an ally to the Cult. The Golden King is the true leader of the Cult and Leeuwenhoek is his most powerful tool. Her extensive knowledge and political power within the Mechanicus has lead the Cult of the Lidless Eye to become the most powerful faction of Dark Mechanicus working within the Segmentum Solar.