Friday, March 12, 2021

Glot'kuleth, Demon King of Subjugation

 Glot'kuleth, Demon King of Subjugation, Lash of Sha-Nulthe, Golden Calf of Cruelty.

Glot'kuleth is one of the Six Demon Kings of Ulgu. Each is a pinnacle of Slaanesh's ideals to excess and depravity. Each excels in their pursuit of unnatural desire and corruption. Glot'kuleth is the paragon of Slaanesh's need to subjugate those within his power. Those beneath Glot'kuleth's heal writhe in humiliating bondage as his whims dictate the punishments to which they are subjected.

During the Age of Myth as the chaos gods sent their favored servants into those lands which they coveted best Slaanesh sent His six Demon Kings into Ulgu to carve out kingdoms dedicated to depravity and dominance. Through corruption and outrageous violence Glot'kuleth dominated an area within the Third Dominion that now stretches from Stormfall Peak to the Everdeep Sea at the realm's edge. Gluthirst is the shinning jewel of Glot'kuleth's kingdom and no excess is denied or taboo within its confines. The corruption and perversion of the city spreads far beyond its walls into the surrounding hamlets. Innocents are hunted by the perverse as they flee through shadowy forests echoing with exotic birds and the cries of twisted beasts. Slaangor roam the dark fields and forests unhindered. 

Schools dedicated to all major forms of the Dance of the Wailing Blade can be found within the kingdom and regular tournaments are held within the court to display the deadliness of the Myrmidesh's killing arts. Each school vies for the court's favor and the recognition of its own form as superior to others.

Monday, February 10, 2020

The Red Crusade

In the Realm of Ulgu the very realm itself is made of illusion given form. So it is little wonder that in this land of twisted perception the madness of the Blisterskin Grand Court is made manifest. When a traveler crosses the border of the Kingdom of Mord they enter a realm of light and beauty, a place of holy martyrs and righteous deeds. The first thing a traveler finds as he enters the kingdom is a holy order of nuns devoted to the succor of weary travelers. They are greeted as welcome pilgrims and provided food, drink and rest. The nuns ask for nothing in return and wish only to spread the good will of their holy order. Travelers are sent on their way with satchels of bread and cured meat to further them on their journey. Those who cross the kingdom find many willing to defend them along the way, from any perils that may befall them, though there are few dangerous creatures left in the kingdom thanks to the constant efforts of the holy knightly orders that roam the land. Any passing through are welcome to stay in the kingdom and make it their home, joining any one of the many sun worshipping religious orders throughout the land. Many who enter the kingdom do so believing they have entered the Realm of Hysh through a hidden Realmgate. As they pass beyond the borders of the kingdom they find themselves in the Realm of Ulgu once more. To their horror they see the truth of what they have consumed during their journey through the land of the Red Crusade. They carry with them sacks of butchered limbs and the body parts of their fellow travelers. Few survive this return to sanity.

His Beautitude Constantine Molec, ruler of the Blisterskin Grand Court of Ulgu, Grand Ruler of the Ghoul's Tooth Fastness and Holder of the Keys to Hysh.
Archbishop Julian Shale soars the skies above the Kingdom of Mord, a constant reminder to the people that justice and law rule the land. Julian is the patriarch of the prestigious Shale family, a dynasty that date back to the founding of the kingdom during the Age of Myth. It is his privilege to feel the sun's warmth from the back of his celestial gryphon Starstrike.

Raguel, the Rose Red Prince, Lord Chancellor of the Red Crusade. Raguel is favored by the Lords of the court for his courage and by Ladies for his irresistible charms.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Cthulhu: Death May Die

So I have recently discovered a new game which just came out from CMON. Its called, as the title may reveal, Cthulhu: Death May Die. I stopped into a Hobbytown USA that I used to frequent that has a very large assortment of hobby products to get some supplies and found an expansion for the game, which I had up to that point never heard of, called Black Goat of the Woods. The art of the model on the box looked pretty incredible and I figured I would use it as a daemon prince for my Nurgle army if it was big enough. Most miniatures made for board games are a lot smaller in scale than GW models so I had my doubts, but it actually turned out to be the perfect size. It also came with 6 Dark Young models that were perfect for chaos spawn. The bases are almost as big as the equivalent of the GW units so they were pretty perfect. After I got them I researched the game itself a bit online and decided that I was interested in trying it out. I figured if I didn't like it I could use the models in it for AoS so I ended up getting the main box and the second season expansion. Which, besides Kickstarter exclusives only leaves one expansion left I haven't gotten, Yog-Sothoth. The game, which I tried for the first time yesterday, was incredibly fun. The first model I painted was the Dark Goat of the Woods. I am hoping to finish painting all the miniatures before the CMON Expo this year so I can bring them with me to play there. But enough about that here is the Dark Goat of the Woods.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Boris Erickson, warrior priest of the Judges of Heldengrad

Boris Erickson is a man of considerable size in all respects. He stands a head taller than most men and had the muscular physique to back up his considerable height. His size is matched only by his spiritual might and faith. It is rumored that before he gave up his position within the Church of Sigmar he was next in line for the title of Grand Theogonist. He has stepped down from his position to bring Sigmar's redemption to the cursed city of Mordheim. He has vowed that only when Mordheim has been cleansed of the foul taint of Chaos and the Shadowlord has been cast down will he return to the Church of Sigmar and take up his title once again.

Another member of the Judges of Heldengrad. This is my warrior priest. I really wanted to give him a good John Blanche paint job and I am happy with how he turned out. He was made by a great creator named James. He has a new blog called The Empyrean. Everyone should check it out.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Judges of Heldengrad

Constantine and Olaf stalked purposely through the streets of Mordheim seeking their prey. A witch by the name of Molly Stilson, accused of witchcraft and trafficing with the Possessed. Constantine carried the Write of Accusation as was his duty. Olaf would assist in subduing her if she resisted, as was his duty. Shadowing the two was the third witch hunter judge, Angelo the Silent. His presence would only be known if the witch's resistance warranted it. Constantine very much doubted it would.

After too long I have decided to get back into the game of Mordheim. Meaning building and painting models and scenery and dreaming of playing a campaign. lol. These first two are the Witch Hunter Captain, Constantine the Accuser and Olaf the Brutal. They are two of a triumvirate of three witch hunter judges who have come to Mordheim to prosecute the witch and burn the heretic in Sigmar's holy name.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Orruk armor tutorial

Since their new battletome has come out I've gotten back into painting my Ironjawz. I finally realized that I have been playing with mostly unpainted models all this time. I decided on a color scheme and theme back when I got them and finished a handful of them, but then went on to something else, as I usually do. So now I am going back and finishing some more. I have developed a new armor formulae that I like better than my original one, which was a little dark.

This was my original brute color scheme. I was going for a lot darker armor at the time, but when I painted one again I like the result of the new formulae better.

 This is the new armor, and my new basing. I think it looks a lot better.

The result was pretty popular and I decided to make a small tutorial for anyone who is interested in doing something similar. Its super simple and only requires three "paints."
I use a lot of these. I have already had to buy the Oiled Earth three times because I use it so much.
First I painted the silver over the black undercoat. One coat did it and the paint is for airbrushes so there was no need to thin it.

After the silver dried I used a large brush and covered the silver in undeluded Oiled Earth wash.

After the Oiled Earth dried I used the same large brush to apply a Black wash. One trick I used here was after I applied the Black wash I used my finger to wipe off the black in raised areas in a similar manner to dry brushing. This technique looks best with a matte finish applied after.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Moros, cerastus knight atrapos

      It is believed by many in the Ordo Machinum that Moros is the prototype for the cerastus knight atrapos, or at least the oldest surviving example. Records of its existence predate the Imperium by many thousands of years though the details of its creation have been long since lost to history. Few details exist even of its current state. Both the Ordo Machinum and the Ordo Hereticus have fragmented records of encounters dating back thousands of years yet the knight known as Moros remains shrouded in mystery. Some believe that it has fallen to chaos through its long years of warfare and isolation. Yet others believe that it serves no master and is more akin to a force of nature, utterly destructive and uncontrollable. The few details that are well documented pertain to the nature of its arrival upon a world and its later mysterious disappearance.
     The first sign of Moros' arrival upon a world is the sudden and random appearance of the Muninnites. The Muninnites are a cult who worship Moros as a god of war and a bringer of mass destruction. In the days preceding the arrival of Moros random members of the cult appear among the population with no warning and no history of the cult's presence on the world. Cult members who appear in this early stage who have been captured and interrogated by the Ordo Hereticus have no previous history of cult activity of any kind. It is as if the coming of Moros creates in them a need for anarchy and destruction.

I intend to enter this in the upcoming armies on parade. Though I am still trying to decide what army to put with him.