Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Black Hart of the Woods

Deep within the Great Bog of Ulgu's Seventh Dominion a festering darkness lives. Once who has existed since the time before Malerion. It is known by the Free Peoples as the Black Hart of the Woods. To the Aelves it is the Gathua Gul, the Dark Star. To the horrors it leads it has no name. It is madness given form and it has risen high in the esteem of the Gavespawn of Ulgu. As a high priest of Morghur it wields madness and mutation as its weapons. The source of this creature's power is said to be an ancient artifact of great evil. The Horns of Morghur is a Braystaff so twisted and corrupt that to wield it with one's bare hands would instantly warp the wielder so rapidly and completely that they would explode in a welter of gore and mutated limbs. Only by handling it with another artifact as blasphemous can its power be held in check. It is with the Obsidian Gauntlet that the Black Hart wields the Horns of Morghur and will bring about the ascension of its master. By slicing off small splinters of the Horns of Morghur with its obsidian ritual dagger and consuming them in a gristly rite the Black Hart brings the power of the Great Devolver into himself.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Brotherhood of the Jade Tempest

A quirk in the reforging process has lead to the Lords of the Setting Sun having an extremely large Sacrosanct Chamber. The Brotherhood of the Jade Tempest, the Lords' order of Exorcists, is larger than any other Stormhost's. It is believed by the Lord Arcanums that this is due to the previous position of the Lords of the Setting Sun as masters of spirits. Each candidate studies the lore of spirits and demons extensively in order to rise to the rank of Lord Exorcist after his reforging and only those who die in battle against specters or demons are elevated to their ranks.

The Brotherhood of the Jade Tempest scours the countryside around Heldengrad for restless spirits and demons. All rumors are to be thoroughly investigated by members of the Jade Tempest as well as the Obsidian Hand, a Brotherhood of Lord Relictors and Lord Veritants dedicated to hunting down and destroying the evils that plagues the 7th Dominion. There are none beneath their suspicions or scrutiny.

Lords of the Setting Sun

The warriors of the Lords of the Setting Sun are all bound by a single thread.  They were all once vampires in the service of the Great Necromancer,  Nagash. Each was chosen by Sigmar to serve within the Shining Host because even though their deeds throughout hundreds of years of existence were steeped in blood they all possessed a kernel of honor buried deep within them. This secret is known by few outside of the Sacrosanct Chamber and Stormcast himself.  Of all the stormhost the Anvils of the Heldenhammer alone are privy to this secret and like all other secrets they possess they keep deathly silent.

The members of the Lords of the Setting Sun retain few memories beyond those of wanton slaughter and the bloodshed of innocents. These Sigmar allowed them to keep to remember why they must always strive for redemption. Because of this they are fanatical in their devotion to Sigmar's cause and are steadfast in the application of his laws.

My newest army is Stormcast Eternals.  This is army three in my project to collect one army from each Grand Alliance for Age of Sigmar. They will all be based in the Realm of Shadow, Ulgu, and their backgrounds will all mingle into one storyline. There will more on the Lords of the Setting Sun in the next few posts.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Feculent Gnarlmaw

Deep within the 7th Dominion of the Realm of Uglu festers the Ochre Kingdom. Hidden from the armies of Order by miasmal fog and the impenetrable illusions of the Great Bog that surrounds it the Yellow King rules from his fetid throne.

The Great Bog stretches for uncounted miles in all directions. Within its confines one can find endless perils not the least of which are Nurgle's Plague Toads and groves of Feculent Gnarlmaws. Disease rules the bog as much as the Yellow King rules the Ochre Kingdom. Followers of Nurgle worship freely within the miasmas of the swamp and the veil between Uglu and Nurgle's Garden blurs to nothing among the glades Gnarlmaws and Rotroot Mangroves.

The nature of Uglu has shrouded the Ochre Kingdom since the Age of Legends. No one knows for sure if the Yellow King is a title handed down through the ages to successors or if the King is a truly ancient being. There are whispered rumors within the court that the Yellow King originally hailed from the World-That-Was and that Nurgle preserved him as he did several of his favored champions.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Beast of Nurgle

Finally painted one of my favorite miniatures of all time. The Beast of Nurgle. I love this model and I love its fluff every bit as much. Who doesn't love an enthusiastic slug-puppy covered in caustic slime with writhing tentacles on its head?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Grimgristle Beetlesucker

T'lowg'grh Dh'erg'z
Grimgristle Beetlesucker
Greater Daemon of Nurgle

Grimgristle Beetlesucker is a Great Unclean One summoned by the Yellow King to help him bring the Plaguefather's gifts to the Mortal Realms. However, due to his immense power he is more akin to a partner than a servant. Together with Gutrot Spume the three lead the armies of Nurgle across the land, sea and air. Grimgristle's demonic armies include many plague drones and swarms of plague flies that darken the skies and obscure his plaguebearers' advance. Grimgristle's very breath is lousy with plague flies that, at close range, ravage the bodies of those that oppose Nurgle's gifts. Another power that Grimgristle possess that makes his armies so deadly is his ability to twist time around his followers. As a daemon he exists outside of time and so he can manipulate it to speed his normally ponderous minions along their way to spread the Grandfather's blessings. Many armies have fallen due to their belief that Nurgle's daemons are slow and plodding. Grimgristle finds the shocked look on their faces to be quite humorous.

I used the name generator in Slaves to Darkness to generate his true name and his use name. The rest just wrote itself. He is one of my leaders for my newest Nurgle army. The army is built in three parts. The "land" army is lead by the Yellow King and his subordinate the Red Duke and is predominantly made up of Blightkings. The "Sea" portion is lead by Gutrot Spume and his first mate and consists of primarily Blightkings and chaos spawn. The "Air" army is lead by Grimgristle Beetlesucker and consists mainly of Plague Drones and Plaguebearers.

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Court of the Yellow King

I've begun my new Nurgle army with a bang. I was surprised how fast I managed to paint these guys. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that it was really fun. I haven't painted Nurgle models in a while so I am discovering how much I missed it. I will be adding more models to the army tomorrow and hopefully I'll have time to paint them up this weekend.
                                                                       The Red Duke
                                                          Magrook, the King's Advisor
                                                                  Peers of the Realm