Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Orruk armor tutorial

Since their new battletome has come out I've gotten back into painting my Ironjawz. I finally realized that I have been playing with mostly unpainted models all this time. I decided on a color scheme and theme back when I got them and finished a handful of them, but then went on to something else, as I usually do. So now I am going back and finishing some more. I have developed a new armor formulae that I like better than my original one, which was a little dark.

This was my original brute color scheme. I was going for a lot darker armor at the time, but when I painted one again I like the result of the new formulae better.

 This is the new armor, and my new basing. I think it looks a lot better.

The result was pretty popular and I decided to make a small tutorial for anyone who is interested in doing something similar. Its super simple and only requires three "paints."
I use a lot of these. I have already had to buy the Oiled Earth three times because I use it so much.
First I painted the silver over the black undercoat. One coat did it and the paint is for airbrushes so there was no need to thin it.

After the silver dried I used a large brush and covered the silver in undeluded Oiled Earth wash.

After the Oiled Earth dried I used the same large brush to apply a Black wash. One trick I used here was after I applied the Black wash I used my finger to wipe off the black in raised areas in a similar manner to dry brushing. This technique looks best with a matte finish applied after.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Moros, cerastus knight atrapos

      It is believed by many in the Ordo Machinum that Moros is the prototype for the cerastus knight atrapos, or at least the oldest surviving example. Records of its existence predate the Imperium by many thousands of years though the details of its creation have been long since lost to history. Few details exist even of its current state. Both the Ordo Machinum and the Ordo Hereticus have fragmented records of encounters dating back thousands of years yet the knight known as Moros remains shrouded in mystery. Some believe that it has fallen to chaos through its long years of warfare and isolation. Yet others believe that it serves no master and is more akin to a force of nature, utterly destructive and uncontrollable. The few details that are well documented pertain to the nature of its arrival upon a world and its later mysterious disappearance.
     The first sign of Moros' arrival upon a world is the sudden and random appearance of the Muninnites. The Muninnites are a cult who worship Moros as a god of war and a bringer of mass destruction. In the days preceding the arrival of Moros random members of the cult appear among the population with no warning and no history of the cult's presence on the world. Cult members who appear in this early stage who have been captured and interrogated by the Ordo Hereticus have no previous history of cult activity of any kind. It is as if the coming of Moros creates in them a need for anarchy and destruction.

I intend to enter this in the upcoming armies on parade. Though I am still trying to decide what army to put with him.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Warcry: The Unmade

I've begun my new project: Warcry. Its the newest fantasy skirmish game from GW. Its set in the Eightpoints, the focal point of Chaos within the Mortal Realms and domain of Archaeon. My primary warband will be the Unmade, a tribe of cannibalistic mutilators seeking to join Archaeon's armies. They are the most terrifying sculpts that Games Workshop has ever produced. The other warbands being released are equally amazing in their own right. Games Workshop is clearly heading full steam into the world of "grimdark" fantasy with this new game.

Here is the first model I have painted for my warband. He is the Joyous One and second in command of the warband.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

New project!

I just wanted to make the announcement that I have started my first major grimdark project of 2019. The name of the project is Terra Incognita and will be a catchall that will encompass all my future projects based on Holy Terra in different time periods stretching from Preunification all the way to the closing of the 41st millennium. The link to this project is at the top of the page. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Shield-Captain of the Adeptus Custodes

Shield-Captain Albertus Armando Freir of the Adeptus Custodes.

Shield-Captain Albertus Armando Freir is currently assigned to the guardianship of the Borealis Chamber of Ordo Sinister as well as having operational command of any Shield Companies sent into the field in support of its psytitans. He possesses extensive knowledge of macro level battle tactics as well a complete understanding of the capabilities of both the knights of House Aurelius and the psytitans of Ordo Sinister.

In more recent times Shield-Captain Albertus and Ordo Sinister have found themselves deployed to assist Lockwarden Borsa Thursk in various reclamation missions as well as several seek and destroy missions against entities too powerful to be recaptured now that the Emperor is no longer able to take the field directly.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Battle of Platform VI

This is my first Adeptus Titanicus battle report. Unfortunately this game was probably the shortest of all the games I've played so far. I was going to write it up as a story, but since it only goes till turn two it doesn't really last long enough to do that. So here it is in a more bare bones format.

Hostile Battlefield: The Shadow Sentry.
Battle Level: Confrontation.
Deployment: Close Quarters.

Tiger Eyes vs. War Griffons

Tiger Eyes (1250pts.):
Nightstalker - Reaver (Titan Stalker), twin gatling blasters, apocalypse missile launcher.
Mada - Reaver, twin reaver chainfists, apocalypse missile launcher.
Tenebris Angelus - Warhound, vulcan mega bolter, plasma blast gun. Hunting auspex.
Umbra Venandi - Warhound, plasma blast gun, vulcan mega bolter. Hunting auspex.
House Rajha Questoris Knight banner - 3 Gallant Knights.
4 stratagem points: Blind Barrage (1), Offensive Surge (3).
Objective: Engage and Destroy.

War Griffons (1100pts.Underdog):
Invictus Nova - Reaver (Reckless Maverick), twin laser blasters, apocalypse missile launcher. Motive Sub-reactors.
Tempus Prima - Vulcan mega bolter, plasma blast gun.
Magna Canis - twin inferno cannons.
House Vyronii Questoris knight banner - 1 gallant, 1 paladin, 1 Warden.
House Vyronii Cerastus knight banner - 2 Lancers.
6 stratagem points: Blind Barrage (1), Sabotage (2), Orbital Lance Strike (2), Break Through (1).
Objective: Vital Cargo
Cargo (Invictus Nova).


 First Turn:
War Griffons/Tiger Eyes
Illusion of Space: Weapon modifiers are reversed.

Strategy Phase:
No stratagems used. All orders fail.

Movement Phase:
War Griffons: Magna Canis pushes reactor for speed. Reactor goes up by 1. Tempus Prima pushes reactor for speed. Reactor does not go up. Invictus Nova pushes for speed. Reactor goes up by 1.
Tiger Eyes: Mada pushes reactor for speed. Reactor goes up by 2.

Repair Phase:
No one rolls high enough to repair.

Combat Phase:
Tiger Eyes: Warhounds kill the unit of Questoris knights.

Turn 2:
Tiger Eyes/War Griffons
Illusion of Space: Weapon modifiers are normal.

Strategy Phase:
Tiger Eyes: Use Blind Barrage on Invictus Nova. Mada receives Charge orders.
War Griffons: Use Orbital Strike on the Gallants, killing 2. Invictus Nova receives Full Stride orders. Lancers receive charge orders.

Repair Phase:
All Titans who need to vent plasma successfully.

Movement Phase:
Tiger Eyes:
War Griffons: Cancel Mada's Charge order and gives it Split Fire with Sabotage. Lancers Charge and kill Tenebris Angelus. Tenebris Angelus suffers a Magazine Detonation, destroying a piece of terrain, damaging the Lancers, and taking one shield off of Nightstalker. Invictus Nova activates a second time due to Reckless Maverick and moves within 4" of the board edge.

Combat Phase:
Tiger Eyes: Nightstalker kills a Cerastus Knight, Umbra Venadi damages the second Cerastus Knight.
War Griffons: Magna Canis kills last questoris knight. Tempus Prima uses its mega bolter to strip Mada's shields off and plasma blast gun to knock all of Mada's body and its three critical systems down.

Turn 3
Tiger Eyes/War Griffons
Illusion of Space: Modifiers are reversed.

Game ends in War Griffin victory after a failed charge attempt from Mada.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Acherons of House Rajha

The blue flames of House Rajha are feared by all their enemies. A special promethium is extracted from their homeworld. This promethium cannot be used in engines or for anything other than weaponizing for it corrodes the mechanisms it fuels with the exceptions of weapons. It is believed that this promethium is somehow related to phosphex, although the connection between the two is little understood. Death by the blue promethium is particularly painful even compared to normal promethium.

Two Acherons I converted from lancers for House Rajha. If GW ever comes up with a house crest for them I suppose I'll paint one on them.