Thursday, October 3, 2019

Moros, cerastus knight atrapos

      It is believed by many in the Ordo Machinum that Moros is the prototype for the cerastus knight atrapos, or at least the oldest surviving example. Records of its existence predate the Imperium by many thousands of years though the details of its creation have been long since lost to history. Few details exist even of its current state. Both the Ordo Machinum and the Ordo Hereticus have fragmented records of encounters dating back thousands of years yet the knight known as Moros remains shrouded in mystery. Some believe that it has fallen to chaos through its long years of warfare and isolation. Yet others believe that it serves no master and is more akin to a force of nature, utterly destructive and uncontrollable. The few details that are well documented pertain to the nature of its arrival upon a world and its later mysterious disappearance.
     The first sign of Moros' arrival upon a world is the sudden and random appearance of the Muninnites. The Muninnites are a cult who worship Moros as a god of war and a bringer of mass destruction. In the days preceding the arrival of Moros random members of the cult appear among the population with no warning and no history of the cult's presence on the world. Cult members who appear in this early stage who have been captured and interrogated by the Ordo Hereticus have no previous history of cult activity of any kind. It is as if the coming of Moros creates in them a need for anarchy and destruction.

I intend to enter this in the upcoming armies on parade. Though I am still trying to decide what army to put with him.