Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Salamanders Legion part 6

I have finished my conversion of Narik Dreygur, the Iron Warrior delgatus that defected to the Salamanders commander Cassian Dracos on the Forge World of Xana. I painted him as a Blackshield to represent him turning his back on the Iron Warriors for his abandonment and betrayal. I've decided to call his warband the Chain Breakers to represent their goal of destroying as many of the Alpha Legion as they can, the chain being one of the Alpha Legions predominant icons. I will be painting a unit of ten veteran Iron Warriors in the same color scheme and using the shattered chain as their pauldron symbol instead of the Iron Warriors iron skull.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Salamanders Legion part 5

Cassian Dracos the first Commander of the XVIII Legion. Entombed in a dreadnought built by the hands of Vulkan himself to honor the veteran commanders accomplishments.

I decided to paint Dracos different from the other dreadnoughts. I decided black was an appropriate color for a couple of reasons. First is that it helps him stand out in a sea of green. Another reason is that many Legions, including the Salamanders, associate the color black with veteran status. A third reason is that I will be using him as both Cassian Dracos and Cassian Dracos Reborn and I felt that Dracos Reborn was a very dark and sinister character that black was appropriate for.  I will be adding Narik Dreygur to my army as well. Since I've found it difficult getting hold of his model for less than $50 I decided to convert a model to represent him. It wasn't difficult and he is done except for his base. So I'll post my pictures of him next, once he is completely done.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Salamanders Legion part 4

Finally another post. Just finished my behemoth of a Leviathan dreadnought. Such a great model and terrifying in combat. My air compressor has been broken for a while and I just fixed it so, hopefully, my Salamanders will be done soon. I've got all the airbrush work done on them and I just need to do all the detail.