Saturday, June 14, 2014

Almost Done With Trikky!

I decided to use masking tape instead of stencils. It was pretty easy. Just have a few more details, the head and the base left.

Trikky Progress

My new Trikky project is going very well. Hopefully he will be close to being done today. The clothing is turning out really well, especially the sleeves. Here is the progress so far.

Project Trikky

My newest project is a Munny figure. Trikky. I painted one of the Foomi before, but I'm going to try this one with my airbrush and see if that speeds up the process. I'm thinking of doing a steampunk gentleman kitty with a handlebar mustache, a vest and a monocle, but we'll see if that is too bold an idea or not for my airbrush. I was lucky enough to get the hat as my random accessory. If I can paint this one fast enough I will try to do several different ones and take them to Anime Weekend Atlanta to try and sell them. If...