Monday, February 10, 2020

The Red Crusade

In the Realm of Ulgu the very realm itself is made of illusion given form. So it is little wonder that in this land of twisted perception the madness of the Blisterskin Grand Court is made manifest. When a traveler crosses the border of the Kingdom of Mord they enter a realm of light and beauty, a place of holy martyrs and righteous deeds. The first thing a traveler finds as he enters the kingdom is a holy order of nuns devoted to the succor of weary travelers. They are greeted as welcome pilgrims and provided food, drink and rest. The nuns ask for nothing in return and wish only to spread the good will of their holy order. Travelers are sent on their way with satchels of bread and cured meat to further them on their journey. Those who cross the kingdom find many willing to defend them along the way, from any perils that may befall them, though there are few dangerous creatures left in the kingdom thanks to the constant efforts of the holy knightly orders that roam the land. Any passing through are welcome to stay in the kingdom and make it their home, joining any one of the many sun worshipping religious orders throughout the land. Many who enter the kingdom do so believing they have entered the Realm of Hysh through a hidden Realmgate. As they pass beyond the borders of the kingdom they find themselves in the Realm of Ulgu once more. To their horror they see the truth of what they have consumed during their journey through the land of the Red Crusade. They carry with them sacks of butchered limbs and the body parts of their fellow travelers. Few survive this return to sanity.

His Beautitude Constantine Molec, ruler of the Blisterskin Grand Court of Ulgu, Grand Ruler of the Ghoul's Tooth Fastness and Holder of the Keys to Hysh.
Archbishop Julian Shale soars the skies above the Kingdom of Mord, a constant reminder to the people that justice and law rule the land. Julian is the patriarch of the prestigious Shale family, a dynasty that date back to the founding of the kingdom during the Age of Myth. It is his privilege to feel the sun's warmth from the back of his celestial gryphon Starstrike.

Raguel, the Rose Red Prince, Lord Chancellor of the Red Crusade. Raguel is favored by the Lords of the court for his courage and by Ladies for his irresistible charms.

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  1. These look awesome! Love the dark blood, really makes them look vicious and sinister.