Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Adeptus Titanicus Knights of House Rajha

Lord Marshal Vladimir Krell alone holds the rank to bear the marks of leadership upon his knight armour. As the master of House Rajha he rules with absolute authority and he is a lord of death among a house of killers. He leads his banner with all the fervor of a madman and can be as deadly to his own men as the enemy. Some believe he was a follower of the Blood God before His worship was spread by the Heresy. Like all who follow Horus into rebellion Krell bears the Great Eye of the Warmaster to the worlds he devastates.

The knights of House Rajha are without honor and seek no glory. They kill because they are killers. They bear no crests nor honors for the ghost-gray color of their knights alone speak the tale of their prey's death. The Ghost Knights of Banner Krell are hunters without equal. Their tally of engine kills, were it known, would border on the incredulous. Yet in true House Rajha tradition they carry no kill marks. The knights of Banner Krell eschew all long range guns and bear only the weaponry of the stalking hunter. Only brutal combat with massive god machines can stir the blood of these pitiless killers.

House Rajha is mentioned in Horus Heresy book 3: Extermination as a knight house that is allied with Legion Fureans. All that is said about them is that they are "ghost-grey". So naturally I decided to make up my own color scheme and background.