Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Black Coach of Baron Thaddius Finch

Baron Thaddius Finch was once a crusader bringing the light of Sigmar to the far corners of the Mortal Realms. That was until he overreached his abilities. Near a realm gate to Shyish he encounter a powerful vampire lord and exhausted and bloody was transformed into the thing he hated the most, an undead revenant. Since that day over a hundred years have passed and the man who once sacrificed in Sigmar's name has murdered countless innocents in the name of his new master Nagash. The baron prefers to travel by coach, a throwback to his noble birth, and on occasion when he needs to regain his power he takes his coach to the fields of slaughter, soaking in the fell sorceries of his nefarious servants.


  1. Absolutely fantastic work! :O

  2. Nicely done. I like the photograph too. Still just cellphone?

    1. Thank you. No, I'm using my camera again because i have a computer now.

  3. Really like how they are developing