Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Freebooterz ork army part 4

I have decided to go with the Freebooterz army instead of the Death Skulls. I am creating several Freebooterz units right now. So far I am working on a Death Skulls outcast retinue, Freebooter pirates and a Khornate chaos renegade ork warband. I will be doing several more units as time goes on. I will be using the Deathskull nob and weirdboy I painted as part of my Death Skull outcast retinue and the Freebooter pirate will be a part of the pirate unit I am working on. Lately I have been converting and painting the chaos renegade ork warband. It is up to 7 out of the 10 members, I just need to get my hands of 3 more madboyz.

First, to present the champion of the warband, Badgor Gargrim.

Chaos Rewards: Eye of God (Sword of Might, Collar of Khorne and Flesh Hound), 2x Regeneration (one given to Warlord Gutzdreg), Chaos Armor (gained from Mark of Khorne), Daemon Weapon (bloodletter).

Chaos Attributes: Fear of Blood, Iron hard skin, Weapon Master.

Badgor Gargrim was once a Goff and an elite member of the Stormboyz corp until an unfortunate encounter with daemonic possession. Badgor was possessed by a bloodletter during a battle against Khornate renegades on a planet near the Eye of Terror. After that Badgor was a little "off". He left the corp and wandered from settlement to settlement till he stumble upon a group of madboyz. The madboyz recognized one of their own instantly and they became fast friends and drinking buddies. Badgor traveled with the roving madboyz, often leading them in battle. The bloodletter in his 'ead continued to scream his desire for blood into Badgor's mind and eventually he began dedicating his kills to Khorne and started a fine collection of skulls. Badgor Gargrim has gained many rewards in the service of Khorne and is a powerful fighter, though once the blood begins to flow he has a habit of blanking out while the bloodletter in him dreams of freedom in the lands of Khorne.


  1. Really impressive work, I'm still working my way through the rest of your blog, taking it all in.
    I love the axe and OSL on the armour. Your black is nice, a colour I still have troubles with. Is it due to your oil washes that it has turned out so rich?

    This is one of my favourite Goff Ork miniatures, I used it back in 2nd ed as my Goff Warboss Badgof, I used space marine arms to make him look a little more armoured. He was toting around a power-axe and Kustom Shoota.

    Your miniature and backstory brought all that back, thanks for that :)

    1. Thank you very much. I think the oil washes helped the black a lot. The back story was fun to write and I look forward to introducing more of the warband. I have a warlord and a boss ork coming up. Then some stormboyz and after that hopefully some madboyz if I can get some.

  2. Great work! He's a handsome devil, that Ork mini =) Love the axe scheme and the freehand on the back is really well done, you must have steady hands!

    1. Thank you. Nah, I just balance on my other hand lol.