Friday, October 23, 2015

Brotherhood of the Laughing Father part 6

Finished my first, and maybe last, purestrain genestealer. I decided to keep my original color scheme rather than revert back to the "normal" genestealer colores. I'll be keeping an eye out for more purestrain genestealers while I paint my hybrids.


  1. As I yet wrote on the oldhammer community FB group: I must admit that the orange paint scheme seem fine for this genestealer. Well done! :D

  2. Thank you. I had my doubts at first, but I'm pleased with how they are turning out.

  3. Very cool scheme, can't wait for a group shot =)

    1. Hopefully I will be able to take one by Monday, I should have some arms for my hybrids by then. I want to include a few more hybrids to give it more of a "group" look rather than five or six unrelated models. Right now they are a little too diverse to give a genestealer cult look.