Friday, October 2, 2015

Brotherhood of the Crow part 21

So, I decided to borrow Stuart's idea over at the Lost and the Very Damned and create a "Creatures of Chaos table challenge" for myself. But I am sure it will turn into a "cry because there is no way I can come close to completing this challenge" challenge. My first completed entry will be 94-95 "D3 Plaguebearers."
Here are my second and third plaguebearers for the challenge, Putridsore and Wormrot.

After the plaguebearers I'll be doing entry 98-100 "D6 Nurgling Bases." Since that is the only other entry I currently own the models for.


  1. Good luck with it, it's a project which I've been working on for ages, but one I wish I could finish. I think I'll be leaving the creatures table out of it!

    1. Yeah, as I was looking at the Retinue table I was thinking the same thing. The good news is that if I ever finish this then the Retinue table should be easier for me to finish. lol