Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nurgle Oldhammer Warband part 18

I love the old 80s citadel troll models. I've wanted to own one, preferably several, for a long time. Well I finally got an old troll, FTT9 / C31 Giant Half-Troll Champion. I got him from my friend down the street, but he didn't have the axe or shield so I decided to make him a standard bearer with a sword. I wasn't really sure where he could fit into my warband/army since I couldn't really find any rules to use for the model, other than a standard troll which can't wear armor. So I decided to use him as my army standard bearer. In a game I will use him as a chaos champion of Nurgle who has the crossbreed (troll) chaos attribute. I'm still mulling over what skin color he will have, but right now I am leaning toward a turquoise with purplish highlights. I started painting him last night and already made a mistake. I decided that his armor would be a silver color rather than bronze, but as I started to paint his armor I forgot and started painting it bronze. Now I have to go back and fix it, though it shouldn't be a problem. For some reason it seems no one is interested in painting or collecting this model. I can only guess it is probably because there weren't really rules for him so the sculpt was never a big hit. I will post his banner once I have done more with it.

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