Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nurgle Oldhammer Warband part 11

Since my chaos warriors unit is temporarily on hold I've been working on a unit of Nurglings. Nurgle is the only chaos army that can include daemons without having to summon them. Nurglings are one of my favorite daemon units because of their cute, mischievous nature. I have to transfer the Nurglings I have from round bases to square, since they were originally used in my 40k army. I originally bought them from a roommate, who had attached them to round resin bases. They are more solidly attached to their bases than any miniature I've ever seen so I'm having to cut the bases apart.
Luckily some of the Nurglings I have I bought myself in the 90s so those I've managed to rebase easily since they were just on a normal plastic round base. I've started by painting those up first.


  1. I'd have put the whole in acetone to save some time ^^

    1. I've got about 6 more to go so I may do that. lol I'm just worried about it turning into a nasty blob of melted resin.