Sunday, September 27, 2015

Nurgle Oldhammer Warband part 16

Finished my corrupted Bretonnian. You can read more about Olaf Corpsekisser in the Chronicles of the Baron of Crows. He will be the leader my Nurgle chaos warriors unit, or he may be its champion. I enjoyed painting his armor. Metallics and free hand painting are my two favorite aspects of painting miniatures. I've always enjoyed the corrupting aspect of chaos in the Old World and I enjoy converting Empire and Bretonnian models into the service of chaos. At some point I might do some converted Imperial Dwarf models for Khorne allies. I've got this great visual of the normally regal looking dwarf models drenched in gore with grisly trophies around them. But that will have to be more long term since I don't have any. I've always loved the Marauder Dwarf models so that will eventually be my target.


  1. Lovely! If you are after some newer Imperial dwarf types you might give White KNight a look.

    1. Those look pretty cool. I like the landgriffon.