Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Jade Spectres part 1

From their flamboyant style and outrageous clothes one would never guess that the Jade Specters were the most feared gang in Maalik.

On one of the few hive layers above ground lies the city of Styx. Rumors of the violence in Styx make their way to many levels in Maalik. Even the planetary governor's men rarely venture into Styx, and only when absolutely necessary. The only laws in Styx are those enforced by the gangs on their own turf. The largest and most violent gang of all is the Jade Specters. The Jade Specters began as just another gang formed from the remnants of decimated gangs. Their future was certain to end as violently as it started, until the Decadent came. Only the gang's inner circle knows what the Decadent truly looks like. Tales of his perfection spread as far as the gangs violent reputation. In truth the Decadent is a genestealer patriarch who fell from power when he led a failed coup against the planetary governor. After loosing his brood and supporters he fled to Styx where he knew the governor's troops would not be likely to follow. From there he began to gather followers again. This time from cast off gangers and violent criminals. To ensure the strength of his brood he made a pact with Slaanesh for the power to rebuild his family in the most violent city in Maalik. The Decadent knew that brute violence alone would not secure his hold on Styx. He needed subtlety and the lure of self-indulgence to gain influence over those in power. As his gang grew his first stepping stone to ultimate power was control of the illicit drug trade within Styx. From there he gained authority over the pleasure houses spread throughout the city. The Decadent uses sex and drugs to gain sway over the few city officials with any real power and many owe allegiance to the Jade Specters.

The gang itself is the most vibrant and ostentatious of all the gangs in the city and is especially known for the perversity of its members. Its territories are the most lawless and wild in the entire city and every vise one can imagine can be found within. None who enter their territory leave the same, if at all.

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