Thursday, November 12, 2015

Freebooters units in the works.

I thought I would give everyone a quick list of the units I am currently working on in one form or another for my Freebooterz army. Not in any particular order. Many of these units will have clan colors, such as Death Skulls and Bad Moons, with the jolly ork mixed into their banners and backplates.
1. Flash Gitz
I currently have a Kaptain and a Freebooter boy, but I am keeping an eye out for 4 more ork pirates to finish off the minimum unit size. I decided to make my "pirate orks" flash gitz instead of freebooter pirates because flash gitz can be customized while freebooter pirates have to be equipped with matching equipment.

2. Death Skulls Outcast Retinue
I've started painting this one as well, so far I have all the models for this unit I just need to finish painting them. This unit will consist of a Death Skull warlord, 5 Death Skull Nobz in power armor and a Death Skull Weirdboy with minderz.

3. Weirdboy Warphead/Possessed Warphead
I just got the weirdboy for this entry, but I still need 3 more madboyz to go with him. They will be from the Bad Moon clan originally.

4. Chaos Renegade Ork Warband
I have finished the most models for this unit and I have enough to models to finish the unit.

5. Ork-genestealer Brood
I should be getting the models for this unit in about a week. I plan to use the patriarch from my genestealer cult for this unit's patriarch. No clan color scheme on these.

6. Outcast Oddboyz
I have all the models for this unit as well. I haven't decided what clan these were outcast from and I may not give them a clan color scheme at all.

7. Ork Mutant Mob
This entry gives the option for either a unit of 5 mutant boyz OR a chaos spawn originally made from an ork. I will probably go with the spawn option to save myself some trouble and extra models.

8. Renegade Runtmaster
I really like the description of this unit and I have a Runtmaster for it, but I only have one grot from rogue trader, but I do have a box of plastic swarms that includes snotlings.

9. Bad Docs
I have plenty of painboyz to use for this unit and I look forward to finding orks to use as squig-brained orks.

11. Dread Mob
I have the mek and painboy for this unit, but no dreadnoughts yet.

12. Wild Ork Outlaws
I don't have any models for this unit and I'm not sure if I want to paint this unit or if I just want a painted unit of these guys. Comes down to whether or not it will be fun to paint.

13. Renegade Speed Freaks
I would love to have a unit of these. I love the Spead Freak Cult and their color scheme. The only problem is I don't have a Rogue Trader battlewagon and they are hard to find whole and are crazy expensive from what I've seen.

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