Friday, November 13, 2015

Freebooterz Ork army part 7

I finished another nob for my outcast Death Skulls retinue. I had already painted this nob last year, but I went back and reworked the blue on the armor and added weathering and finished his base.


  1. This ork sculpt is a particular favourite of mine. I'm not sure why really, but I used to love seeing these armoured nobz in battle reports. I have a few old orks myself, I might have to take another look. (Actually I might have some weirdboyz, probably not anything rare though).

    1. I find that all the Weirdboyz are awesome, except the newest one. I think my least favorite is the original one, its rather boring looking, but all the rest are pretty awesome. That is why I've decided to collect them all. The old power armour nobs are pretty awesome too. I've lucked out when it comes to having all the power nobs except one.