Monday, February 24, 2014

Crystal Brush Entry 1 WIP

So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to enter the Crystal Brush painting competition. My first idea was to enter the fantasy unit category. I was planning on entering a unit of High Elf Dragon Princes of Caledor. I planned to use an airbrush on my entry, so I broke down and bought one off Amazon. I used it to prime the models, unfortunately. I ended up with fuzz on the models somehow and now they are unusable for the Crystal Brush, so I decided to just use them for my High Elf army instead, which is where they were headed if they didn't place anyway.
After that I decided to go easy on myself and start off in the single miniature fantasy category. I say easy because it is easiest to paint a single mini, but it is the hardest category to win since it IS so easy to paint a single model, lots of people enter that category. I decided to enter a High Elf mage from the Island of Blood box set for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
Here are a few work in progress shots.

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