Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Changing of the (Death) Guard

So, with the release of the new 40k rules set I was on the fence as to what army to make. Nurgle is my favorite chaos god, but it is currently EVERYONES favorite chaos god since the release of the new rules and models. So I was less inclined to make a Death Guard army. I have been feeling especially  Slaaneshi of late and so I decided to proxy an Emperor's Children noise marine army. I was very pleased with their performance, pun intended. The unfortunate downside of going that rout though, is that there are no new noise marine models and the bits for making them are fail cast resin and currently unavailable. The better alternative is the Kakophonii from Forge World. Unfortunately they are too expensive to get an entire army of them. The last alternative is to convert another model into a noise marine. Unfortunately a third time that rout is also too expensive in the end.

And then fate intervened and I was able to make an amazing trade for an unpainted Death Guard army. I traded some Bolt Action miniatures and rulebooks that I was not using for the army. So now I am playing Death Guard. My first game was pretty brutal and I may not use that list again, unless it is against someone I really don't like or a tournament. Scabiathrax plus Leviathan Dreadnought = win.

I've already started painting my new Death Guard. Here is the first fruits of my labor.


  1. Fortuitous trade. That is a pretty cool looking figure. What size base is he on?